Go ahead and check all that apply!

  • You love crafting, but feel you don’t have enough time to really get down and dirty
  • You are a visual learner, and love to read and watch how-to’s
  • Friends and family say you should pick just one hobby and stick with it (We both know that’s, like, impossible!!)
  • You’re looking for encouragement, support, and a “safe” place to create, without judgment or ridicule
  • You’re looking for some inspiration

Did you check a few? Did you check them all? Then, you’re in the right place!!


Hi! I’m Jenny from In The Bee Tree! I am a creative enthusiast with a serious passion for making art. I believe YOU are creative. You might be a stay at home mom, an engineer, a painter, a writer, or a doctor. What you do everyday, with your hands and your heart makes you creative!

You need to give yourself time to create outside of those areas, too! Even if it’s only 20 minutes a day. You deserve this time for you!

What’s in it for you?

  • journal prompts
  • how-to videos and photo tutorials
  • TONS of encouragement
  • a peaceful place to come and read, learn, and share your ideas
  • REAL life – messy kids, piles of laundry, the nitty-gritty kind of stuff – you’re not alone!

Don’t forget to sign up~you’re not going to want to miss out!

A Little About Me

  1. I have been knitting since 2006, and earlier this year I became a certified knitting instructor. I love teaching. I have had some of the best students, and I hope to have many more! I have been spinning wool since 2008/2009. It started with a spindle and a few bits of wool. Now, I work from fleece to finish. I absolutely love the process. You can see some of my creations in my humble little Etsy shop.


2. I’m the Queen of Nesting in my house. I find a cozy spot on the couch and surround myself with knitting needles and yarn, or wool and my spinning wheel. I also have a tiny space for all my other craftiness. It was a formal dining room that I took over and filled with paints, jewelry making supplies, wool, spindles, yarn, stamps, and more! It is my sanctuary. It’s not always the cleanest space, but it’s my space. We all need that.

3. My family and I are very outdoorsy. We live right at the base of the Cascade Mountain Range, and we do a lot of hiking, fishing, and hunting together. We’re not afraid to get dirty! The wildlife is amazing here, and I’m always on the look out for mountain herbs and edible mushrooms. We grow some of our own food on our tiny back yard, and I do a lot of canning.


3. I live in a small town called Sultan. Nature is still wild and primitive here. On some of my walks, I’ve seen fresh wolf and deer tracks, moose racks, bear markings, bobcats, cougars, and giant old growth forests. I love swimming in the rivers during the summer; the water is crystal clear, cold, and refreshing. I’ve climbed to the peak of Evergreen Mountain on a solo hiking trip. I believe these forests hold secrets, and I’m always on an adventure to find something new.

4. I am a lover of hot tea. I am totally down for brewing an entire pot of tea anytime of day. My favorite is chai, but I save that for special indulgences. I love black and red teas, especially one called Bourbon Rooibus (you can find it at Cup and Kettle in Leavenworth, WA). I also love coffee, and my favorite brand is Chock Full O’Nuts. I grew up drinking that, and when I drink it now, it reminds me of sitting and chatting with my mother and grandmother.

5. This is a little embarrassing, but I LOVE the Game of Thrones. I read the books, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, years ago, and I make it a point to reread them at least once a year. When I heard it was going to be made into a tv series, I was SO EXCITED!!! I agree that the HBO show is a wee bit (a lot) risque, but it brings all the characters I love (and strongly dislike) to life. I also have to accept the fact that Mr. Martin may never get around to writing the sixth book. SIGH.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

You can reach me at:





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