Make All The Things

For years now, I have been processing, combing, dyeing, spinning, and knitting. It’s one of my favorite things to do besides hang out with my amazing family. I’m finally ready to share my stories, skills, goof-ups, and creativity with the world! I’m a serious introvert, which can make this hard sometimes, and I honestly didn’t plan to make my first blog post until 2017, but here I am. Excited, nervous, (or, as I like to call it, “nervexcited”), giddy, sometimes terrified, but mostly joyful. I mean, really, joy is burying your face in wool, and then sharing it with those around you!


I do other things, too. In fact, most folks would say I have too many hobbies. I don’t believe that. My brain can not fathom such a thing. I paint, I make pottery, jewelry, I garden, I can foods (is that considered a hobby?), I buy lots of art making supplies (THIS is a hobby!), I process wool by hand, dye it, spin it, and knit it up. I also crochet. In fact, I was an instructor at one point for both knitting and crochet. I’m not a Super Duper Expert or anything (I still have to google and you tube stuff), but my enthusiasm makes up for some of it. I also love, love, love hiking, fishing, and camping. And, if hanging out with my family is considered a hobby, you can add that one to the top of the list. I have 3 awesome kids and a wonderful husband who encourage, support, pick on, and love me. They keep me inspired, and add a level of happiness to my life that is really, and truly, indescribable.

I have so many plans for this space, and I’m not 100% sure yet what will fit and what won’t. Life is like that sometimes. You have a TON of ideas, hopes, goals, and dreams, and sometimes, ya find out ya gotta downsize. Which is not always a bad thing. I hope to at least bring you pretty pictures, fun tutorials, and most of all, share the joy of creating. I really hope to see you around! Check back weekly for posts, or feel free to sign up to be notified when I slap something new up on the interwebs!

If you’re still with me, I invite you to check out my Etsy shop, where I’ve listed some of my hand made and hand dyed goods. There will be a lot more coming once the holidays are over, and the new year has begun!